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Follow these steps to get a free visual assessment of your mechanical failure issue :

Background information: Download the Background Information form and complete. [ Download file ]

Photograph the problem component/s: Take at least 3 photos of the failed item as per the instructions below.

Email us: Send us the completed Background Information form and photographs
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What we require

Any failure or fracture analysis starts with a solid visual examination and information gathering exercise. The outcome of this step is often enough to identify the cause of the mechanical failure of concern. Full information on the failure and system history is important to ensure that operting and loading conditions are taken into consideration.

The Background Information form is intended to serve as a guide to ensure that relevant information is covered in the submission of data regarding the failure incident. It is recommended that the Background Information form be downloaded and completed as fully as possible.

To ensure the best possible outcome the photographs of the failed system is extremely important. Typical photographs are shown in the sidebar. It is very important the features on the fracture face is captured accurately. See examples of fracture faces in the side bar as well as under the Fracture and Failure Analysis section of this web site.

  1. Always ensure that photographs are in focus, especially in the area of the fracture.
  2. Take photographs in natural light (no flash) in a well lit shaded area or direct sunlight (if glare is under control).
  3. Ensure that the close-up photograph of the fracture face shows details of the full fracture face, with the camera perpendicular to the general plane of the fracture.

Your free report

We will provide you with a report on the failure, based on the information and iages provided by you. The report will cover a Remarks section which will contain an opinion on the probable cause of the failure.

The report may contain suggested further work to confirm the cause of failure. Further testing and evaluation will be for the client's account. A quote for such work will be supplied on request.


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