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Three pillars of support:

Design and manufacture: We provide support in component design, specification and manufacturing

Maintenance and condition monitoring: We provide support in maintenance processes, maintenance planning and condition monitoring

Failure analysis: We provide top class failure analysis support with a few to component improvement, increased safety and lower costs

Who are we?

Johan ( J J ) Marais Pr Eng

  • Professional Engineer ( [reg. no. 870493])
  • BSc(Metallurgy), BSc(Hons)(Metallurgy), MSc(Metallurgy)
  • National Technical Diploma (Mechanical)

Johan has over 40 years experience in Materials Engineering, Technology Management and Asset Management in South Africa and Australia. He has extensive experience in heavy engineering systems in transport and materials handling systems in the Railway and Mining environments. He has published more than 30 papers and presented papers at major international forums. He was also Chairman of the Technical Committee for the 16th International Wheelset Congress 2010 in South Africa

Johan held lead engineering and management roles at Transnet ( he headed the Technology Management sections of Railway Wheelsets, Rail Metallurgy, Materials Engineering as well as a Metallurgical Laboratory for more than 15 years. As Principal Engineer he was, among other responsibilities, responsible for specifications for the purchase and maintenance of large engineering systems and for the provision of solutions to a wide range of transport industries within the company. He did a stint employed as Senior Metallurgist at PearlStreet in Welshpool (now ALS Global, Canning Vale), WA, where he got hands-on experience of the technical challenges faced in the energy, oil exploration and mining sectors in Australia.
Johan has been closely involved in service to railways in Australia since 2007.
His main thrust was in the analysis of railway component performance and improvement.

He also concentrated on the application of condition monitoring systems to ensure safe and efficient operations. This included the analysis of failures and recommendations for improved design, operations and condition monitoring systems and analysis methodology.
Johan is responsible for the overall development of MCE with focus on project procurement, technology solution offerings and leading MCE’s innovation.


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