Railway Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering

Railway Engineering Products

Construction Equipment:
Supply of equipment to improve efficiency on new track and tunnel contruction

Emergency stoppping of trains:
Emergency onboard system to prevent damage in case of imminent derailments

Railway Track and Tunnel Construction - The Concrete Train

Concrete on site anywhere: Rail based self-contained concrete plant on a train - mix and deliver concrete on site

High capacity and on time: Expandable conrete train systems will deliver no matter the size of the project.

Concrete material is stored on train: No wastage and no delays as concrete is mixed on demand, on time and to specification.

Important considerations

The advantages of the concrete train are numerous.
Concrete can be supplied anywhere on the line or track or inside
tunnels, remote areas or difficult areas away from road access.

Your Australian Concrete Train representative:

For more information on Concrete Train options MCE is your Australian contact.

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Derailment Detector Device (DDD)and Automatic Train Braking

Disaster prevention: Stop the train before catastrophic derailment

Passenger Safety: Stops train in time to ensure passenger safety

Infrastructure Protection: Reduces track repair cost and expensive production losses

Rail Safety: Ensure responsible railway safety management

Derailment disaster prevention considerations

The 3D&FAT Device by ARS was designed to ensure train safety under imminent derailment conditions. Once the 3D&FAT devices detects abnormal behaviour of the train bogies and wheelsets, it applies the train brakes automatically. This prevents ongoing travel which normally leads to disastrous consequences.
Other versions of the 3D&FAT System:

  1. Locomotives, 3D&FAT-LOC System
  2. Electrical System, 3D&FAT-E
  3. Economic System, 3D&FAT-ECO
  4. 3D&FAT-SEL System, smart electronic locator derailed cars

Your Australian 3D&FAT system representative:

For more information on the Derailment Detector Device (3D&FAT) and options, MCE is your Australian contact.

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